Published in national newspaper!

Article text
One of my images was published in the science section of national newspaper 'De Volkskrant' here in the Netherlands. It’s the opening photo for an article about a recent publication in the scientific journal Nature by some of my colleagues. The publication shows that plants adapted to phosphorus limitation run a higher risk of extinction because they invest less in sexual reproduction. Many rare species thrive in places where phosphorus, a key nutrient to plants, is scarce. They can survive there because they have made all sorts of adaptions to reduce the need for phosphorus. One of the main ways to do so is to reduce seed production, because seeds need a lot of phosphorus to build. Increases in phosphorus in their habitats as a result of eutrophication currently threaten many of these species. However, they have much trouble spreading to other areas where phosphorus is still scarce, because they produce so little seeds. In that way, they are trapped in their threatened habitat, which adds strongly to their extinction risk.
You can find the original image on my website HERE.
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