About me

I am an assistant professor in ecology and photographer who lives in Utrecht, The Netherlands, together with my wife and two children. As a teenager, I was already photographing the countryside around my parental home with an analogue Minolta SLR I got for my birthday. Later, when I was working as a researcher, it was my colleague and freelance nature photographer Krijn Trimbos who encouraged me to pick up my old hobby again and buy my first serious digital camera.

Being professionally involved in nature conservation, I have personally experienced that showing people the beauty and intricacies of nature in their surroundings really helps to get them interested in the natural world and get them involved in its conservation. This is a strong motivation for me as a photographer, since a good photograph says more than a thousand words.

As an ecologist, I’ve been trained in observation and I have access to a lot of background knowledge about the natural world, such as where to find my subjects and knowing their behaviour. Sometimes, I also have the privilege to go places which are not accessible to the general public. All these things help me to see things that normally remain hidden for others. Photography is my way of sharing this world with you.